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Attention Netscape 4.7 Users: Netscape 4.7 and below no longers supports current web page programming languages and also has secuirty vunerabilities in it which allow hackers onto your system.

Which means if you are using Netscape 4.7 you are no longer viewing Webpages correctly. Netscape 4.7 also doesn't allow for our users to access Ridgenet's webmail and Personalized Spam Filters.

We encourage Ridgenet customers to upgrade to the new version of Netscape or any of the following browsers. As an added bonus, customers using new browsers load web pages faster and have more features. Click on the browser below to begin downloading or drop by the Mediacom office at 543 Inyokern Rd to pick up a copy on CD.

   Windows Browsers     Mac Browsers
  • Mozilla 14.8mb Blocks Pop-ups!
  • Opera Adware (Windows Version w/o Java) 3.2 mb
  • Opera Adware (Windows Version with Java) 15.7 mb

If the browser file is described as an Installer it means that first you download a mini program which goes out and downloads the real program. Installers are great since they will allow customer to disconnect and re-connect without losing what you have downloaded.

Mac Setup:

    MacTCP Setup
    Step by step instructions for MacTCP (OS v7 and older).

    Mac OS v8 Setup
    Step by step instructions on the new Mac OS8 Internet Connection Wizard.

    Mac OS X Setup
    OS X (ten) setup screenshots to connect to RidgeNet.

PC Setup:
Common Technical Questions
    Subscribers with questions about their service or technical problems should contact RidgeNet technical support. Technical support is available via phone, fax, and e-mail. Contact Us

    Unwanted Disconnects
    This troubleshooting page contains information on the most common causes of "Unwanted Disconnects"

    E-mail Setup
    We have multiple pages that walk you through configuring several popular e-mail programs.

    General Information
    This page lists all the general software configuration information specific to RidgeNet. POP server, News server, Phone Numbers, etc.

    Internet Dictionary
    FAQ stands for Frequently Ask Questions. Also contains a list of internet vocabulary words.

    Putting up a Web Page
    RidgeNet provides 5megs of free web space to all our subscribers. Learn how to post your pages and gather a few tips on counters, cgi's, domains, etc.

    Stopping Junk E-mail
    Configuring Windows XP for Ridgenet Dial-up and e-mail.

    Ridgenet Windows Setup Disk
    Dowload the most up-to-date setup disk for Windows 95, 98, ME, and XP.

Commonly Asked Problems

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